Passenger Van Rentals

When you need room for more people, more legroom or lots of luggage, Scooter Bob’s is offering an affordable choice of mini-van or 10-person van on Providenciales.

rent a van on Providenciales at Scooter Bob's car rentals with airport pickup


This rental van on Providenciales will seat 10 adults. Free airport pickup insures you get your group and luggage to your accommodation with ease.

RATES $99/day or $89/5 days or more

Plus taxes. Limited selection.

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Mini van rentals on Providenciales International Airport


A perfect family mover, this van rental on Providenciales is a very versatile vehicle for your vacation venue.

RATES $79/day or $69/5 days or more

Plus taxes. Limited selection.

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We highly recommend Scooter Bob’s for van rental. We are a family of 11 and rented a van for a week. They name all their rental vehicles and ours, Dawg Breath, was waiting for us in the airport parking lot when we arrived. Key in the visor and family name on the windshield. What a fun adventure to all be able to travel together and enjoy the sites as a family. Driving on “the other side of the road” was challenging but we managed and with restaurants and snorkel sites close by we were truly able to relax and enjoy.Thanks Scooter Bob’s. 5+ stars for a great van rental experience.

We come back to Scooter Bob’s again and again because they always manage to get us whatever we need – no matter how complicated or esoteric. From something as minor as sunscreen or snorkel gear to as complicated as arranging a big van rental after two missed flights, Scooter Bob’s will TAKE CARE OF YOU.