Scooter Rentals


Rent a Scooter while vacationing on Providenciales, an economic and stylish way to travel. Scooter Bob’s rents Yamaha BWS 125cc .

FREE RIDE to pick up your scooter rental from the airport or your hotel or villa.

RATES $49/day or $39/5 days or more – plus taxes

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Scooter Bobs providenciales motorcycle rentals - these are Yamaha 125cc
Rent a motorcycle on Providenciales - Scooter Bobs car rentals Turtle Cove
Scooter Bobs providenciales motorcycle rentals - these are Yamaha 125cc

What is the difference between a Scooter and a Motorcycle?


A scooter is a ‘twist and go’ vehicle, easier to learn to ride than a motorcycle which has a clutch and gears.

Scooters are lighter and ideal for exploring the beaches and back-roads on our island of Providenciales.

The majority of scooters for rent on Providenciales are Vespas and have smaller engins. The Scooters for rent at Scooter have a 125cc engine.

Scooters have a platform where you can rest your feet. There is also a small storage place under the seat.


Most 125cc motorcycles and scooters are able to be ridden with a small amount of training.

Like scooters, 125cc motorbikes tend to be light and nimble but have gears and clutch control.

Riding balance on a motorcycle is through your feet on side pegs as opposed to the scooter where your feet are in front of you on a platform.

Riding on a Scooter

It is always worth bearing this in mind: A scooter is at its most stable when travelling at a constant speed in a straight line. The rear brake is operated by the left lever, and the front brake is operated by the right lever.

The optimum ratio of braking in the dry is: 70% front, 30% rear.

The reason for this is that, as you apply brakes, most of the weight of the scooter and rider will be transferred onto the front wheel. Conversely, weight will be taken off the rear wheel as you brake. This will make the rear wheel more prone to locking up and the rear of the machine will want to “overtake” the front.

When the roads are wet, the ratio of braking on your rental scooter should shift to 50/50.

Scooter Bob’s scooter rentals ask to see a motorcycle license or at least have some motorcycle experience. Scooter renters must be a minimum of 25 years.

If you think renting a scooter on Providenciales might be too frightening for you, you should definitely explore renting an electric bicycle, as fun as a bicycle and almost as fast as a scooter. Scooter Bob’s rents Scooters and E-Bikes. Visit us in Turtle Cove, Providenciales.

These guys are awesome. Had a blast on the scooters and they even gave me a broken scuba mask because I needed a strap for mine! I highly recommend using them for all your transportation needs. Liability coverage was included in the rental fee. 👍🏻. Update: My other half had to drive because I didn’t have my motorcycle license and couldn’t get my own scooter. 🙂

Easy and fast to rent a scooter. They come to pick you up at the hotel or airport when arriving in TC.